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Last Night we took the decision to temporarily close our showroom. In accordance with the announcement of Boris Johnson.

☎️ Phone lines will remain open 7 days a week between 10am-5pm on 08450 34 35 50 and team members will be picking up messages and calling you back.

💻 Our website is available 24/7 for online orders of all products and we also have submission forms for all support services we offer (repairs, relocation, service) which you can complete and we will add you to our list and prioritise this work appropriately as and when it’s safe to do so. Our webshop is live and you can purchase 95% of all our showroom products. If you spend over £50 you get free delivery

🔧 For customers with technical issues please send these to [email protected] and we can find the most suitable course of action to assist in these difficult times.

🥰 If you are looking to purchase a hot tub or planning one for the future the team are working behind the scenes and can assist every step of the way.

We will of course be constantly monitoring the situation which is changing rapidly to ensure that our number one priority is the safety of our employees & customers.

Stay safe everyone and please contact us if you or anyone else needs our support, both hot tub related or anything else!

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Fast Growing North Wales Hot Tub Business set to Expand…Again!

ONE of the UK’s largest hot tub firms will double in size and target £2million turnover this year.

UK Leisure Living unveils a new Swim Spa showroom in the coming weeks, expanding its Mochdre base to more than 5,500 sq ft.

Managing director Gareth Jones also confirmed the company’s acquisition of Carbon Zero Renewables in St Asaph; now all solar, leisure and hot tub services and sales will form part of the same group.

Gareth says UK Leisure Living – listed in the top five businesses in North Wales and 21st in Wales at the recent Fast Growth 50 Awards – is aiming to increase sales of hot tubs by 30%, in capitalising on a boom in the market.

Having returned from a conference and exhibition in Florida, he has witnessed first-hand the product’s emergence in the US and looks forward to a positive 12 months after a challenging year.

“We have sold more than 400 hot tubs over the last two years, but I think the consumer uncertainty around Brexit, and the investment we made last year, saw us experience some transition,” said Gareth, who was named Businessman of the Year at the latest Welsh SME Business Awards.

“We still did well but I’m always striving for better and am confident with the new Swim Spa centre in place we will achieve £2m turnover.”

He added: “The Swim Spas are quite unique and can range from 12-24ft in length, making them popular with swimmers and for resistance training.

“There are jets at one end, and they can be very powerful because the technology is incredible – perfect for the next Michael Phelps!

“People are more than welcome to come along and wet test them, and there has already been a lot of interest in anticipation of the opening of the extended showroom.”

The new-look facility at the Old Creamery on Station Road will hold more than 30 hot tubs and Swim Spas in total, as well as including showers and changing cubicles, an area for children and families to relax, decking and renewable energy displays, a kitchen and offices.

Preparations are also underway for the second North Wales Hot Tub Expo in May, following the success of last summer’s event.

“It’s all about the customer experience, that’s paramount to everything we do because people don’t want to be given the ‘hard sell’ or rushed into making what is an important decision,” said dad-of-one Gareth.

“The Swim Spas in particular, are an attraction, there is a lot of buzz around them and many people have never seen one before. It’s something a little different and we are excited to have them on display.”

He added: “There is a lot of scope for development in this sector, in tandem with the tourism market in North Wales, so we will be looking to take advantage of that in the coming months.

“We have some exciting partnerships to reveal, and growth will include new staff and further improvements, so it’s going to be a good year.”

For more information on UK Leisure Living, visit and follow @ukleisureliving on social media.

Hot Tub Headrests

Damaged hot tub pillows, Its probably the biggest warranty issue for hot tub manufacturers and the most bugging thing for hot tub owners. The truth is, its inevitable that a soft, rubber/vinyl item, in a warm, damp & chlorinated environment will eventually deplete. The main problem being the chlorination of hot tub water in affecting the condition of the spa pillows. As you may know, Chlorine attacks everything, whether its skin, lungs, eyes or even rusting metals. So, when a soft vinyl spa headrest is enclosed in a chlorinated environment, the laminate on the pillows breaks up and eventually the internal rubber will start to flake off. So what can you do ?

Well, we sometimes recommend removing headrests from the hot tub when it is not in use, this obviously removes them from the damp, chlorinated environment, prolonging their life. The one issue that arises from constantly removing headrests is the lugs on the back ripping off upon removal, this means the pillow cannot be secured properly, so if removing headrests, you must be careful and ensure the lugs do not rip. If this is too much of a hassle then we try to reinforce the idea of leaving the spa cover off for 10-15 minutes after chlorination, this gives time for the nasty chlorine gases to disperse in the air, not directly onto the hot tub cover or headrests.
So, your hot tub pillows are totally unusable and are flaking into the water, what now ? Well, you really need to remove them totally, or purchase new ones. Headrests have always been a high-cost spare on hot tubs, due to their specialist moulds and variation, meaning manufacturers can charge astronomical prices. So, it would be sensible to look after the pillows whilst they are still usable, saving money in the long-term.

National Award for Hot Tub Boss

Gareth Jones, Managing Director of the Carbon Zero Group, was named Businessman of the Year at the Welsh SME Business Awards, held at The Exchange Hotel in Cardiff.

In what has been a challenging period for UK industry, the Mochdre-based retail and tourism pioneer has bucked the trend and enjoyed a solid 12 months, matching record-breaking sales of the previous year.

Gareth wants to build on that in 2020 and push turnover over £2.5million following a period of investment in his workforce and facilities. He also has big plans for their hot tub showroom at the Old Creamery on Station Road.

“It’s an absolute honour to win this award, it was a big surprise, so I’m really thrilled,” said Gareth, a qualified civil engineer and the youngest ever President of the Federation of Master Builders.

“I’ve been fortunate to win prizes in the past but this one feels particularly sweet as it’s been a tough and uncertain year for business in the UK.

“We’ve felt that as well, but by working together and with the support of our incredible, loyal customers we’ve been able to achieve good results.”

He added: “There has been investment here in Mochdre and there will be more in the months ahead, so we are entering an exciting new era for the company – to have received this prize shows we are on the right path.”

As well as the Solar Energy division, hot tub showroom and composite decking side of the Carbon Zero Group, Gareth also owns the revolutionary groundscrew solutions firm, Stop Digging! North Wales and the North West.

Each service complements the next, and with satellite hot tub sites in Abergele and Porthmadog proving popular, the dad-of-one says the firm will continue to have a positive effect on the region’s tourism and leisure economy.

Their place among the biggest hot tub businesses in the country is also secure, having again been nominated in the Spa Retailer of the Year category at the UK Pool and Spa Awards, and for a prestigious SME National Business Award at London’s Wembley Arena in December.

“We have found a good blend and all aspects of the company are firing on all cylinders,” said Gareth.

“We try and stay ahead of the game by being a little but unique and stealthy, which gives us flexibility and puts the customer at the heart of every decision.

“It’s worked well for us, and I’m confident with the improvements made this year we can grow further in the months ahead.”

One of the highlights of the calendar was Wales’ first hot tub expo, and next summer’s looks set to be even bigger and better.

“We had such a good turnout that next year’s event will be even more of a celebration, for new and existing customers,” he said.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported us, and to the Welsh SME Awards for presenting us with this trophy – it’s fantastic.”